The LoveRoom for Single Travellers

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People travel in all incarnations; whether it be with family in tow, on honeymoon, with a group of friends, footy trips and of course, single. LoveRoom is a new site marketed toward singles and suggests that “love can be found through sharing a room… not by signing a lease together, rather just for a night while travelling.”

LoveRoom, which launched in Beta in November 2013, hooks up singles who are “sharing a room” or “seeking a room” for free. Much like many social pairing sites with Tinder springing to mind, LoveRoom builds account profiles on the basis of answering questions that will make you a perfect fit via personal interests and taste.

LoveRoom founder Josh Bocanegra says that “It’s not just about sharing with complete strangers. It’s about sharing with those who spark your interest, those who you might have a connection with.” Stalkers need not apply.

First spruiked as being “Airbnb for attractive people” Bocanegra has refined the message to be “It’s more of an Airbnb for single people. Everyone’s attractive to someone,” he explains.

Where Airbnb charges a fee, LoveRoom does not and instead provides a space to check out and select possibly good-looking hosts. Yes, it is similar to the “casual encounters” section of Craigslist. But for travellers.

The official launch was on Valentine’s Day 2014. Check out Welcome To’s own official, less-saucy but more glamorous hotel selections, here.

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