The Foodstore in Auckland

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At The Foodstore you’ll taste exclusively Kiwi food using only produce raised, grown and harvested in New Zealand. The kitchen is 100% open plan enabling you to be entertained by the cooking while you enjoy the food. The Foodstore redefines the modern phenomenon of food entertainment!
Market Square, Viaduct Harbour, Auckland City
Tel: +64 9 377 0125

Executive Chef, The Foodstore, Mark Southon…
The Foodstore is quite unique. Could you explain the ‘open and interactive kitchen’ approach?
We’re so confident of our high standards that we cook right in front of you, in our open kitchen – that’s because we want you to enjoy the cooking as much as you enjoy the food!
What are some of the signature dishes at The Foodstore?
Knowing exactly what you are eating and where it comes from, has never been more important, and that’s just one of the reasons why we use only produce and ingredients raised, grown and harvested right here in New Zealand.

The Foodstore


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