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A short yarn with co-founder and co-creator at Schoc Chocolates, Murray Langham…

Schoc Chocolates fits nicely into New Zealand’s ever-emerging focus on producing quality home-grown innovative and gourmet food. What is that makes your product so popular?
My understanding is that we are real – by that I mean using real, fresh ingredients and the best chocolate we can source. Everything we do is by hand; this makes our production small, but we get great results by using these labour intensive methods.
Schoc Chocolates

Where possible you source your ingredients locally – why is this?
I think it is that we are miles from anywhere, so we must grow our own ingredients and we accept only the high standard of produce that we would have in our homes. We don’t settle for second best.

Tell us a little about the idelogy behind ‘chocology’?
Chocology is the art of knowing yourself through the flavours that you choose from a box of chocolates. When we choose a centre or a filling that we like – what is it that attracts us to it? Is it the smell, the texture on our tongue and teeth, the colour or the taste? These centres link into our own subconscious mind or the inner part of us that guides our emotions, our moods and our self-esteem. By understanding the meanings of these centres, we can begin to see what is guiding us through the complexities of life.


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