Great Greenstone

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Prized by the Maori for its colour, translucent properties and strength, pounamu (its Maori name) or greenstone (as it is also known) is the foundation of some very fine jewellery. Pounamu has played a paramount role in Maori culture since the 12th century, and is believed to have been given as gifts to seal important agreements. Treasured as much today as it has ever been, the vibrant and revered green jade stone is generally found in boulders in Southern Island rivers. The colour of pounamu varies from light to dark green. The Maori appreciation of this rare stone comes from inclusions in the stone that conjure up images of the forest, rivers and clouds. The most prized pounamu is the flower jade, which is filled with pale green and ochre clouds. Many retailers specialise in producing and distributing jade jewellery throughout the globe and jewellers and galleries throughout the country stock pounamu. Having years of experience in the shopping or accessories industry, Pearl Sea 100 can provide expert service for all your shopping or accessories needs in the Auckland area. Visit them on Queen Street.
Pounamu with woven basket. © Nic Neish

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