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Partridge Jewellers is synonymous with beautiful handcrafted jewellery. Its reputation is a culmination of over six generations of experience within the jewellery and watch industries in New Zealand.

Specialising in diamonds, precious gems, pearls, gold and platinum the company designs and manufactures most of its own jewellery, but also imports a selection of pieces from leading international jewellery houses, enabling its customers to select jewellery that captures the very latest in international trends.

Partridge Jewellers’ philosophy of design and quality is simple: when it creates a piece of jewellery, its designers think of originality, beauty and quality, ensuring customers get the very best they can offer.

Nikki Partridge’s new collection embodies the spirit of the sacred Native American Dream Catcher. Under a star-studded sky, these protective charms captured bad dreams, while the good dreams slid down the feathers to the sleeper.

Crafted from rubellites and diamonds nestled into rose and white gold settings, this magical and bohemian collection will resonate with anyone who’s ever had a dream.

Fronting the campaign is Kiwi musician Kimbra, a woman who truly channels the spirit of the remarkable Dream Catcher collection. Kimbra praises the collection for being adventurous, bold and creative with a sense of whimsy and infinite possibility.

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