Eyris Blue Pearls

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Blue-Pearls-logo-WT-NZBlue pearls are formed by inserting a seed beneath the mantle tissue. This is a delicate operation as paua have no blood clotting agent and a single nick can be fatal. The paua then begins to overlay this nucleus with its brilliant, iridescent mother-of-pearl.

Thousands of layers and at least 18 months later, the resulting blue pearl is magical to behold.

The colours inside each paua shell are created by the unique genetic make-up of each individual paua, their diet of nutrient rich seaweed and the natural environment in which they live.

Blue pearls take their colours from the paua shells – blues, greens, golds and pinks and some have splashes of red and violet. There are bright vibrant tones and soft subtle hues.

The grading of blue pearls is an exacting exercise, grading not only for size, shape, lustre and surface, but colour. The unique individuality of every blue pearl, has led to the development of a specialised grading system.

In 1989 New Zealander, Roger Beattie established the first ocean based blue pearl farm in Whangamoe inlet on the Chatham Islands. His understanding of the paua fishery, and an empathy not only for the environment, but also the very rhythm of nature’s life cycles, led Roger and his team to embark on a project that would see the creation of a new gem, unparalleled in its beauty or colour.

Eyris pearls are graded Select Gems, Gems and As and any blue pearl that falls below this standard is not an Eyris pearl.

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