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The small but impressive Regional Terminal at Christchurch Airport, a joint development between Air New Zealand and Christchurch International Airport received two awards at the 2013 Canterbury Architecture Awards. It received the Commercial Award as a building that the jury noted “is an excellent portal to and from the regional airports of New Zealand”.

They also commended the architects BVN Donovan Hill in association with Jasmax for their subtle and sympathetic use of materials, as well as turning “the logistical problem of transporting goods through the facility… into an opportunity to scoop light into the body of the terminal”.


The other award was for Interior Architecture and was given to the architects according to the jury for “masterfully deploying structure, materials, colour and forms… producing a delightfully creative interior that imparts a regional identity to the airport terminal.” They noted how the building “… feels like an appropriately South Island terminal” with its references to the region’s geography from the dark floors reflecting the river beds to the “timber ceiling panels outlines a window-edge silhouette of the Southern Alps”.

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