Blue Pearls

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Found in the clear, blue waters of New Zealand, and boasting the same lustre and properties of regular pearls, the blue pearl came onto the market just over 25 years ago and stands as one of the most prized pearls in the world. Ranging from blue to violet, and green to pink, pearls’ unique character and individuality makes it difficult to mass-produce jewellery – hence, the exclusivity of a true pearl strand. But even among these rare beauties the blue pearl stands out. Quite simply, there is no other pearl in its class, and none that can compete with its shimmering and iridescent blue colour. Fashioned into beautiful pendants, earrings and rings, the blue pearl is a staple jewel of New Zealand. Experts in gems and jewellery of the South Pacific, enjoy Marshall’s Jewellery fabulous opal loose stones and opal jewellery from a company with direct links to the mines for over 30 years. With pearls from the Pacific and New Zealand, experience the beauty of the blue pearl, in-store now.

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