Ngāi Tahu Authentic Greenstone

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Ngāi Tahu Authentic Greenstone is the only company that can provide 100% assurance that all pounamu (the Māori word for greenstone) is carved from genuine New Zealand Pounamu stone by registered New Zealand carvers thanks to its unique traceability system offering peace of mind for ethically-minded customers and retailers alike. Significant quantities of stone sold in New Zealand, that is marketed as New Zealand greenstone/pounamu is ‘grey market stone’ that is, the stone is either imported from Siberia, Canada or Asia and carved in New Zealand or carved in overseas factories and sold under the claim it’s 100% New Zealand Greenstone. All Ngāi Tahu Authenticated Pounamu shows a registered trademark and carries a unique traceability code that, when entered online, identifies the origin and whakapapa (genealogy) of the stone; how it was extracted and processed; and who the artist was that carved it. This system guarantees that the stone has been extracted by legitimate means and has been treated using appropriate cultural values.
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Ngāi Tahu Authentic Greenstone

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